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BestMiner is service for cryptocurrency mining. It let you mine cryptocurrencies in easy and the most efficient way.

What and Why?

Everybody who runs GPU mining wants to get maxumim revenue of investment.

When you start GPU mining you get a big challenge. Several hundreds altcoins available for mining. What to mine? Where? Thousands pools, tens of algorithms and miners, exchanges, wallets, confirmations… Fluid exchange rate, pump and dumps… Headache!

BestMiner provides single management solution for GPU mining. With BestMiner you leave all these techs behind the scene. You get max profit, easy setup, mining management, clear statistic and online monitoring.

What’s Inside

Maximize profit
by automatically choosing the most profitable mining configuration
Auto payments in BTC
All mined income will be converted from Altcoins to Bitcoin
Easy as 1-2-3
1-click registration, Zero configuration, Maximum profit
Works on Windows/Linux mining. Supports AMD/NVIDIA GPU. Supports DUAL mining
Single dashboard
Manage all your rigs from one place. Supports up 1000 rigs in one account
Keep healthy
Monitor online status, hashrate, temperature from one place. Receive alerts to Telegram, Mobile Application, Email

How it works

Profit of mining depends on several parameters, including: network hashrate, difficulty, block time, pool luck, exchange rate and others. BestMiner solution continuously monitoring these parameters and choose the most profitable combination of altcoin/pool/exchange. When it run corresponding mining software.

Benchmarking - Each GPU mining hardware has different hashrate for each mining algorithm. So first of all BestMiner starts with benchmarking your rig of each possible algorithm.

Exchange - when mining pool rewards miners you receive profit in mined altcoin. All altcoins going to be converted to Bitcoin. You do not need to have hundreds of altcoin’s wallets. Just single BTC wallet.


Phase 0: Nov 2017 - Jan 2018

Phase 1: Feb 2018 - May 2018

Phase 2: Jun 2018 - Nov 2018